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Hi there! I’m Sara

A product designer based in sunny Los Angeles who is passionate about creating purposeful and delightful experiences that bring everyone together
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My Recent Work

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User Management Tool

A self-serve user management tool that allows healthcare organizations to add and maintain provider information without having to send a manual request for assistance
User Research
Product Design
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Patient Bedside Quarantine Mode

Quarantine Mode allows healthcare providers to leave devices by the patients bedside to provide uninterrupted care and decrease physical contact due to the severity of COVID-19 while following HIPAA guidelines
User Research & Interviews
UX/UI Design
User Testing
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IRIS Client Portal

A HIPAA compliant data visualization tool that offers a wide array of administrative functions and reports updated in real-time for day-to-day business tracking
UX/UI Design
User Testing
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Projects From The Past


An app that allows its users to order customizable meals that are fresh, high quality and healthy on-demand, weekly or on a monthly basis
User Research
UX/UI Design


A news app that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide summarize and remove bias from news so users can stay updated despite a busy lifestyle
UX/UI Design
Rapid Iteration

Design Process

My recipe for finding simple solutions for complex problems

“Design used to be the seasoning you’d sprinkle on for taste; now it’s the flour you need at the start of the recipe.” - John Maeda

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Research allows me to understand and empathize with user needs. It also informs my design decisions
User interviews & surveys, competitive analysis, site audits, process maps
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I shift gears from thinking about what users need to why they need it to brainstorm solutions
Brainstorming, user flows, sketching, storyboarding
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Translate the knowledge I have into a visual solution in different fidelities and iterations
Branding & identity, wireframing, mockups, prototypes, design systems & specification
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Test designs to validate decisions and gain valuable feedback for more iterations
Usability testing, analytics, dogfood sessions, QA testing