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Hi there! I’m Sara

I’m a senior product designer at Restaurant365. Previously, I was at RubiconMD and a sole designer for Martti by UpHealth (formerly Cloudbreak). I love deep diving into thought processes to come up with simple solutions while driving business impact.
Prior to designing, I led customer success and experience teams for early-stage startups. During this time, I realized how much of a roadblock an inefficient and poorly designed product could be to a user. I found myself working closely with dev and design in collecting and providing feedback from our users, testing our products during dogfooding sessions, and fine-tuning our user flows. Through this experience, I became passionate about product design.
I currently live in Los Angeles but was born and raised in Tokyo, and spent half my life in Manila. Outside of work I enjoy traveling, spending time with family, discovering different types of cuisine, or spending as much time b.
Causes I deeply care about:
  • Healthcare equity
  • Women's empowerment
  • Animal welfare